Romaney has helped our child with organization, focus, motivation and academic anxiety. Romaney has also challenged our child to improve academically, develop her own voice and advocate for herself, a new skill necessary for managing the transition from middle school to high school.  This has been accomplished within an environment where our child feels valued and supported. Even with COVID-19 Romaney has been able to make remote sessions useful, relevant and successful.

Mother of a High School Student

What began as a search for someone to help our student manage hectic college life turned into so much more. Our child was recently diagnosed with ADD and Executive Function Deficit. Romaney was instrumental in turning our child around and greatly improving grades. Before hiring Romaney the guidance we were giving our child was being met with resistance. Once we shifted that responsibility to Romaney there was no turnhing back. She understands our child and figured out a way to connect and form a wonderful relationship. our child looks forward to their sessions and we continue to see improvements. We're very grateful for Romaney and her dedication, support, and passion for what she does. I never thought we would be in such a good place today! Romaney has helped our child with organization, focus, motivation and academic anxiety. 

Parent of a College Student

Romaney has really helped me understand how my brain works and views tasks in such a way that I am able to view things more clearly - with less anxiety - and see things through from start to finish. she is amazing at reading people and finding out ways to get them to understand things and jump-start the thought process. I really attribute to her most of my academic growth.

High School Student

“The most important asset that Romaney has is her unwavering thoughtfulness and caring about her students. Even while not "on the clock," she is still constantly thinking about ways to help and offering suggestions for other resources we may want to use...Romaney has a great rapport with students. She has a very calm, reassuring, and positive demeanor with my son which puts him at ease.”

Mother of a High School Senior

One thing that Romaney did for me that revolutionized the way I look at school was set me up with a functioning calendar system. Before Romaney, I used the default agenda they gave out at school to record my homework and key dates, however I found myself constantly forgetting to write down assignments and still missing them even though I had written them down. With my new calendar system, I was able to get alerts whenever I needed to start an assignment and when it was due so I could stay ahead of it.

High School Student

My three children have worked with Romaney for almost four years now, and I plan to continue to work with her for as long as possible! She has been instrumental in helping my children manage their academic schedules, plan out assignments, and think through how to approach everything from major exams to planning essays. She also challenges them to take their thinking and their analysis deeper and get from good to great. Importantly, Romaney has taught each of my children a process for how to succeed in a very rigorous academic environment. She continues to reinforce essential skills that have enabled them to do extremely well and not get stressed. She has become an essential part of my "village" and brings an invaluable skillset that has made a tremendously positive impact on not only my children, but she also gives me a high level of comfort and confidence that my children are in good hands and developing the critical thinking and organization skills they need for succeeding later in college.

Mother of Middle and High School Students

I am a sophomore in high school and I have worked with Romaney for 2 years. She helps me stay on top of all of my school work and arrange meetings with my teachers. She has helped me learn how to manage my time and keep my assignments organized. She shows me how to research for papers and projects and she always gives helpful, constructive feedback on my essays and shows me different ways to improve them. She has been really helpful for me.

High School Student

"Romaney's ability to connect on a personal level, while still maintaining professionalism, is unlike any I've ever encountered. She knows just the right questions to ask that will lead you to that 'aha!' moment. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her coaching skills and expertise!"

Vanessa Fasoli

Executive Function Coach, Spark Focus

Our younger daughter has ADHD and has had the privilege of working directly with Romaney.  The time she has spent with our daughter has helped her greatly.  She readily draws from her wealth of knowledge and then creatively applies various strategies to fit the unique needs of each student with which she works.

Mother of a Middle School Student

“The one thing we can absolutely say about this journey with ADHD, is we are so happy we found Romaney. Romaney is significantly helping us with the process of managing our son’s ADHD! We highly recommend Romaney for anyone looking for support!”

Mother of a High School Freshman

Through strategically asked questions, Romaney offered me insight into my own thought processes which were getting in the way to my leading a fuller, more productive life.  She helped me select strategies that worked not only in particular circumstances I brought to coaching, but ones that I could use in other aspects of my life as well.

Jennifer Kampfe

ADHD Coach, Fantastically Focused

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