Children and Teens

  • Is your child wired differently? 
  • Are ADHD and organizational challenges too much to handle?
  • Does the workload keep building without coping mechanisms in place?

Children and teens live complex lives. From playdates to school assignments, athletics to music lessons, and social lives to social media, our children and teens need skills to get through their busy days. Each child is unique in terms of temperament, maturity, brain wiring and strengths and weaknesses, yet while we celebrate individuality, as a society, we still rely too often on one-size-fits-all ways of doing things.

bFocused Coaching taps into your child or teen’s individuality, enabling them to succeed and grow. We can help children and teens: 

  • Understand how their brains work and the reasons they struggle in certain areas
  • Identify strengths and interests and how to use them to achieve their goals
  • Create their own customized strategies and solutions for organization, homework, studying, test anxiety, time management, self-advocacy, and social interactions
  • Plan short- and long-term projects
  • Develop systems for remembering things
  • Identify situations where focus comes easily and find ways to use aspects of these situations when focusing is difficult
  • Start and complete tasks
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Self-advocate with parents, teachers and peers
  • Strengthen social skills for happier interactions and relationships
  • Learn to understand and recognize impulsive behavior and use techniques designed to slow down action

Focus Challenge: A high school student with ADHD who struggled with organization was overwhelmed by his school workload and forgetting major assessments.

bFocused Solution: We talked about different methods for keeping track of assignments and assessments, both from an organization and time management point of view. Coaching helped the student devise an individualized system that utilized a monthly calendar to note large projects and assessments and a weekly planner for daily assignments and to “chunk” preparation time for the monthly items. The student no longer feels overwhelmed or forgets important dates.

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