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Children & Teens

  • Is your child wired differently?
  • Are ADHD and organizational challenges too much to handle?
  • Does the workload keep building without coping mechanisms in place?

College Students & Young Adults

  • Are you having difficulty transitioning to the next phase of your life?
  • Could you be too distracted to achieve the success you seek?

Parents & Families

  • Is your relationship strained as a result of a child with ADHD?
  • Do you differ about the best ways to manage that child’s ADHD?
  • Are you tired of nagging your child?
  • Do you worry about time spent with one child at the expense of your other child(ren)?


  • Are you unsure how to move forward in your life?
  • Are work challenges getting you down?
  • Do you find yourself putting others’ needs before your own?
  • Is there too much clutter at home or in the office?

Through strategically asked questions, Romaney offered me insight into my own thought processes which were getting in the way to my leading a fuller, more productive life.  She helped me select strategies that worked not only in particular circumstances I brought to coaching, but ones that I could use in other aspects of my life as well.

Jennifer Kampfe

ADHD Coach, Fantastically Focused

“The one thing we can absolutely say about this journey with ADHD, is we are so happy we found Romaney. Romaney is significantly helping us with the process of managing our son’s ADHD! We highly recommend Romaney for anyone looking for support!”

Mother of a high school freshman

“The most important asset that Romaney has is her unwavering thoughtfulness and caring about her students. Even while not “on the clock,” she is still constantly thinking about ways to help and offering suggestions for other resources we may want to use…Romaney has a great rapport with students. She has a very calm, reassuring, and positive demeanor with my son which puts him at ease.”

Mother of a high school senior

“Romaney’s ability to connect on a personal level, while still maintaining professionalism, is unlike any I’ve ever encountered. She knows just the right questions to ask that will lead you to that ‘aha!’ moment. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her coaching skills and expertise!”

Vanessa Fasoli

Executive Function Coach, Spark Focus

Our younger daughter has ADHD and has had the privilege of working directly with Romaney.  The time she has spent with our daughter has helped her greatly.  She readily draws from her wealth of knowledge and then creatively applies various strategies to fit the unique needs of each student with which she works.

Mother of a Middle School Student

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