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Coaching Services Available For:

Children & Teens

  • Is your child wired differently?
  • Are ADHD and organizational challenges too much to handle?
  • Does the workload keep building without coping mechanisms in place?

College Students & Young Adults

  • Are you having difficulty transitioning to the next phase of your life?
  • Could you be too distracted to achieve the success you seek?

Parents & Families

  • Is your relationship strained as a result of a child with ADHD?
  • Do you differ about the best ways to manage that child’s ADHD?
  • Are you tired of nagging your child?
  • Do you worry about time spent with one child at the expense of your other child(ren)?


  • Are you unsure how to move forward in your life?
  • Are work challenges getting you down?
  • Do you find yourself putting others’ needs before your own?
  • Is there too much clutter at home or in the office?

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Phone: (908) 963-2417


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